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jQuery: It’s Easy to Create Websites Nowadays

I used to be proud of being a programmer. But now, given that things are a lot easier with jQuery, I feels that I’m not more than a Web Designer. Not to say that web designers are not cool, they are superb in their graphical creativity, which I’m lack of.

Friend: So, what exactly do you do at work?

Me: I create functionality for websites.

Friend: is it hard?

Me: not at all. In fact, I can teach you some cool tricks. You can just put something like $(“#banner”).slideDown(); and the banner will slide down.

But from the other point of view, jQuery has bring me to a much a higher level excitement. From a web developer that only care of back-end processes (that I can be proud of, but nobody really care) to somebody that is willing to improve website experience (that more people will “WOW”).