Agile – From a developer’s eyes

What does it mean to be Agile? There are 3 common answers that I’ve summarised: It’s a corporate bullshit. Everyone interprets it differently, whatever works for you. You’re doing it wrong. Somewhere between those lines, there’s a subset of people who truly believe that Agile is helping them so much in their daily life. I’m […]

On workspace design and work culture

Despite being labeled as “hard to change”, culture is actually a very fragile thing. You’d often hear people say that it’s hard to build a culture. But also true that it’s difficult to maintain a good culture. So which is true?. I also think that workspace design has a subtle but important effects on shaping […]

Methods of getting direct feedback from Servers

With the web technology advancing so rapidly and information is getting bigger and flowing faster than ever, many web applications nowadays can’t live without constantly checking for new data from the servers. The most basic form of a websites deals with HTTP request from the webpage to the server. The user send a request in […]

Reduce SQL Injection Risk in Python and psycopg2

It will be surprising that a slight different in your line of code can have a great impact in preventing SQL injection. Try to spot the difference between these 2 lines below. It probably looks obviously different, but for a second it looks like it shouldn’t give much different result. But sadly it does. The […]

The adventure of the Old Mac line breaker in the Python world

There are many representations of a new line, End Of Line indicator, or a line breaker. You probably heard of the terms Line Feed (LF) and Carriage Return (CR). They are technically characters like the letter “A” and small letter “a”. But instead of printing the letter, they tell the system that it’s the end […]