From rwx to 777

Have you ever come to a situation where you are so new in town and you don’t know how to blend in? You kind of see everybody as a codes that’s made up of rwx rwx rwx but you are speaking in the language of numbers like 667 or 557.

file premission

Now that you need to be like everyone else, I’ll teach you how to extract the numbers from those “rwx”es. First, you need to catch one of them, bring them into a dark room called stat. Once he’s inside the stat room, he will speak out many other languages, including the number language that you need to know.

stat something.a



Now you know their number. You know what to do from there.

If you still don’t know, here is the magic words.

chmod <the magic number> <yourname>

For example:

chmod 0776 you


Published by Phelios Cyros

A programmer and a musician wannabe...

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