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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Back to PHPUnit

I have couples of the same PHPUnit Manual tabs on my browser, not because I’m referring to different parts of the lengthy documentation, but because I keep getting the same result from Google search + suggestion from those in PHP chat rooms.

I don’t know what makes it so hard to learn how to use PHPUnit. I can’t even remember what did I do the last time (which is few months ago) I try it out. First is probably the outdated PEAR project that doesn’t seems to be updated any more. Then, the tutorials that I can’t even get to work on my machine. Googling around doesn’t seems to find me what had I done wrong. And probably the installation guide I posted few months ago has already outdated.

Now, I’m stuck with the fact that my PHPUnit folder under the PEAR folder is not the same structure as what other people on the internet has. Got to continue googling for me. Wish me luck!