Soon, everybody will carry a tablet

I still can remember when mobile phones or cell phones started to be so popular. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and many others. Model after model every few weeks or months keep popping up to the market. I can’t even afford one that time, and we actually share one Nokia 3210 for the whole family. But […]

Falling in Love with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is clean, is beautiful, is fun, and all of all, she is magical. Wait a minute, am I committing adultery here? Gosh… I’m not married yet FYI. Don’t even have a girlfriend yet. So here is the love story, if you read my previous post to Ruby from PHP, you will know […]

Affiliate Marketing? What the Heck is That?

My friend, who is an Internet Marketing victim, and also an enthusiastic person, recently introduced me to this phrase called the “Affiliate Marketing”. I’ve never heard of the word “Affiliate” nor how to spell it properly. But, I am actually one of the affiliates. Affiliate Marketing (for me) simple means putting ads from other websites like Amazon, […]

Angry Bird Chrome? or Just Web Angry Bird?

Angry Birds’ developer Rovio is really angry right because they just released its “Google Chrome” version few days ago. And it’s also Free. This news had made headlines in several places including Twiter and Yahoo. The whole world is angry about it because they got to play it on a bigger screen (probably 21″ or […]